Whoa! Did Diddy Announce a Bad Boy Reunion Tour?

Ma$e dancing in shiny leather. Lil’ Kim recreating the spread eagle squat from the Hard Core album cover (!!). Sheek Louch’s “colossal-sized Picassos.” Faith Evans. The Diddy-orchestrated Bad Boy 20th anniversary reunion at the BET Awards on Sunday was just perfect. (Well, except for that moment when Puff fell into a trap door.) It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Or was it?

Puffy has taken to his Instagram account to suggest that the forever Bad Boy family will hit the road on a reunion tour. He used the hashtags “#BadBoyFAMILYtour” and “#ComingtoaCityNearYou” when reflecting on Sunday’s epic performance. According to Swagger NYC, a source close to the Bad Boy camp said the alums are “taking the reunion beyond tonight’s award show… Mary J. Blige, 112, Lil’ Kim and a bulk of the artists from the original ’90s Bad Boy roster will be touring this year.” There doesn’t appear to be concrete evidence of taking this show on the road, but we’re ready to put our Rollies in the sky and wave ’em side to side.

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Lee Daniels Inks Multi-Year Deal With 20th Century Fox

Aside from captivating the world with the tales of Cookie, Lucious and the fictional Lyons family, Lee Daniels is building an empire of his own. The co-creator/executive producer and director of Empire has signed a multi-year overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television, which will allow him to develop, write, direct and supervise new projects under the umbrella of his own Lee Daniels Entertainment. It’s a major—yet fitting—coup after Empire became the highest-rated broadcast drama in seven years. “I’m looking forward to developing content and finding alternative voices for both in front of and behind the camera,” said Daniels, who is preparing to shoot a Richard Pryor feature biopic.

Daniels isn’t the only overworked Empire family member. Taraji P. Henson had to take a short break from shooting after being hospitalized for exhaustion. “Mama needed some rest,” Jussie Smollett told E! News about his on-screen mom. “She had to tap out for a moment, she needed a break.” According to Smollett, you might need to take a step back once the hit show returns in September. “We make season one look like The Brady Bunch,” he joked. “It’s going there, for sure.”

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Kendrick Lamar Says Charleston Murders and Other Hate Crimes Are Demonic

During the Obama era, the myth of a post-racial America has been exposed as just that—a myth—thanks to blatant injustices and crimes targeting Black Americans. But Kendrick Lamar, whose To Pimp A Butterfly ranks “du-rag and dashiki” on the Blackness scale, feels there’s a satanic force behind these horrific incidents. Speaking on the terroristic church mass murder in Charleston earlier this month, the Compton MC blamed an otherworldly influence.

“I feel like it’s an energy that’s trying to spark an evil, a race war,” Kendrick Lamar said on Hot 97. “Because these events is just happening back-to-back. And it’s demonized events now. It’s starting to get a little deeper than just hatred.”

Schoolboy Q chipped in two cents as well, centering the media in his crosshairs. “They love putting a lot of attention on it,” he said. “I’ve never seen this much attention. It’s like the media loves this. And we just giving ’em more power by always talking about it. We know what’s going on. The media need to stop pushing it in our faces all the time. It makes hate. How can you sit there with your little daughter, watching TV and they talking about a White dude that killed nine Black people in the church? That makes me hate a little bit.”

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