Brandy Sued for Skipping Texas Festival

I don’t know what it is with Brandy and these bad concerts, but I’m starting to think she’s trying to lose fans. First, she “allegedly” storms off stage (click here if you missed that); now she’s being sued by a company called Soul Tree Collective for canceling her headlining duties at their annual Austin Urban Music Festival last year.

First, Ms. Diva Norwood asked for a more expensive hotel, then she rescheduled her flight. And if that wasn’t enough, she had to have special security to escort her from her 25-minutes-’til-showtime delayed plane. (So basically she ended up backing out because she was late and the venue couldn’t buy her more time. SMH.) Reps for poor ol’ Soul Tree had to walk out and announce to thousands of fans who’d spent their hard-earned cash that they’d wasted their time. (Looks like Brandy better get ready to cash in one of Ray J’s Rolls-Royces to pay for this one.)

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Future’s Ex Opens Up About Co-Parenting with Ciara

Apparently Future’s ex-gf Brittni Mealy has been taking some courses in Grown Woman 101. Last year, she didn’t have too much good to say about the “Honest” rapper or his relationship with Ciara. But now she says she’s genuinely happy for the pair and their engagement. (I knew y’all wouldn’t believe that one, but I’m just the messenger.) As far as raising their son Prince together, Ms. Mealy says she’s done some maturing and is working on letting CiCi’s future hubby lead the way. Ciara is obviously spending a lot of time with the little one too, because Brittni says she’s great with her son. Awww!

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Diddy and Cassie Finally Engaged?

Don’t get your hopes all the way up folks, but it’s looking like SeanDiddy” Combs might finally be ready to say goodbye to that playa life. (At 44, it’s midlife crisis time.) This past Saturday, he uploaded a flick of a huge rock to his Instagram account captioned with this: “Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat you like! I just wanna MK you smile 🙂 #takedat!” Keyshia Cole later posted a photo of her and Cassie to her IG, weighed down by a gigantic shiny object on her wifey finger. Hmmm. Coincidence? Or are we looking at the woman who finally got Puff Daddy to lock away his pimp daddy persona in the same closet he buried those shiny suits and Versace shirts?

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