Diddy Offers $200 Million for Fuse TV

Fuse TV is up for grabs, and a few insiders say Sean “Diddy” Combs has his eye on it. Puff made it rain with a $200 million bid on the network, with plans to expand the reach of his own poppin’ new music station, Revolt TV. Fuse is available in approximately 74 million homes while Revolt gets jiggy in about 22.8 million. Thing is, some are saying the bid is pretty low for the channel considering the number of households it reaches, and the original asking price (about 400 million Benjamins, baby). Looks like Sean better comb up some more cash if he plans on remixing this cable company.

Read it at Deadline and Bloomberg.


Aretha Franklin Plays Patti LaBelle

Sooooo, did Patti LaBelle steal one of Aretha Franklin’s wigs and we didn’t know about it? Did she swipe a funky tune from the soul queen back in 1965? I don’t know what it is, but I’m trying to figure out why the Detroit diva played the Philly powerhouse the way she did at the White House’s Women of Soul concert this past weekend. Ms. LaBelle reached out her hand to extend some love to the seasoned singer as she strolled into the concert hall, but the electricity in her shade held enough power to shock Patti’s hair piece back into one of those crazy peacocks she used to rock back in the day. Seems like maybe Ms. Franklin is taking this “queen” thing a little too seriously.

Read it at and watch it Rhymes with Snitch.

Beyoncé and Celebrity Friends Team Up to Ban “Bossy”

In an attempt to encourage leadership in young girls, Beyoncé and a few other famous folks (former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, actress Jennifer Garner) teamed up with tshe Girls Scots and LeanIn.org to ban the B-word—“bossy,” that is. In their Lifetime PSA, the celebs speak about how the derogatory word affects little ladies’ likeliness to assume leadership roles for fear of being labeled, while encouraging folks to join the movement at banbossy.com. The Sasha Fierce in Bey came out at the end of the PSA when she declared, “I’m not bossy—I’m the boss!” Hard to deny. 

Read it at Daily Mail.