Game Socked Detroit Pistons’ Brandon Jennings in the Mouth?

Don’t let the reality show fool you: Game is still thuggin’. Detroit Pistons’ player Brandon Jennings celebrated his birthday at club Lure in L.A. over the weekend, and the West Coast rapper (who’s the self-proclaimed king of their daytime Toxic parties) got a little annoyed when Brandon started hogging the DJ’s mic. Witnesses say lil’ Suge approached the NBA point guard and an altercation ensued just before B. J. got molly-whopped. The night ended in a massive brawl between the two’s entourages, so yeah, you can definitely say they shut the party down… literally! SMH at Game though. I thought he traded in the thug life for wedding bells and slow strolls on the beach.

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DMX and Dr. Phil Go at It on Show Trailer

DMX is no stranger to snapping at TV therapists (Iyanla Vanzant, Jenn Berman), but it looks like he might have met his match. In the promo for his upcoming appearance on Dr. Phil, the two get into some heavy convo concerning X’s daddy duties, and that’s when the beast is unleashed. Dog gets a little feisty on ol’ Doc, but Uncle Phil wasn’t having it. He shut the rampant rapper all the way down, just to make it clear that he ain’t keeping calm like Iyanla or running scared like Jenn. Can’t wait for the full interview to air tomorrow so I can see Dr. Phil really go off. [In my Homie D. Clown voice,] Homie don’t play that!

Watch it at the Dr. Phil Show.

Kim and Kanye Party with Oprah and Diddy

Take notes Ray J: Kim Kardashian pops bottles with the real money team. North Weezy’s momma Instagrammed a couple photos living it up with Oprah, boo-thang Kanye West, Jimmy Iovine and Diddy at a house party Slim Jim hosted for gf Liberty Ross on Sunday night. One of the captions read, “Oh no big deal.” (Sucks teeth, rolls eyes… Kim, you know you need to stop!). That girl knows she was trying to stunt on us real quick and let it be known that she’s an official member of the power club. But hey, can’t be mad at her (unless your name is Brandy’s little brother).

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