New Drake Leak “How About Now” Samples Jodeci

It’s less than a week before Drake’s birthday, yet his fans have been gifted with a new song. Yesterday (October 19), a teenager from Marietta, Georgia, posted “How About Now” to Soundcloud and the song has spread like kindergarten cooties (despite being removed from several sites). The mellow track takes the forever relevant gospel of rapper Mike Jones—“Back then they didn’t want me/Now I’m hot, they all on me”—and flips it in the most Drake way possible, recalling anecdotes of a former crush’s unappreciation over a sample of Jodeci’s “My Heart Belongs to You.” Drizzy asks if her shoulder is still sub-zero now that he’s successful, guilt tripping with anecdotes: “I bought your dad a bunch of sh*t for Christmas, he ain’t even say thank you” and “Remember when you had to take the bar exam, I drove in the snow for you?” There’s no word on whether this loosie is a leftover from a previous project or an early listen from Drake’s upcoming Views From the 6.

Listen at Refinery 29.

Ja Rule Explains Why Supergroup with Jay Z and DMX Fell Through

Before the likes of Ashanti, Lloyd and Charli Baltimore came along, Murder Inc. was a name reserved for one of the greatest hip-hop supergroups that never was: DMX, Ja Rule and Jay Z. And while the trio united by Irv Gotti has collaborated on a few great records (“It’s Murda,” “Murdergram,” “Time to Build”), a full project was never completed. But why? Ja Rule says it was an ego thing.

“We tried to deliver that album,” said Rule. “It was a situation where egos all just played a part in its demise. We couldn’t get X and Jay in the same room—from long ago from their storied battle on the pool table with the guns out and all that. That carried over into our careers, when we were all trying to do our thing separately. It was hard to get us all in the studio to do what we needed to do.”

While Ja adds that he regrets a Murder Inc. album never coming to fruition, he says there may still be some unearthed gems the three MCs have recorded together. “There might be one or two joints out there that y’all haven’t heard,” he says, naming Gotti as the likely owner. Hackers, get to it!

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Rihanna Releases Her First Cologne Rouge Man

Rihanna exudes sexiness, and she wants to you to as well—men and women. So after releasing four perfumes, the Bajan beauty is now peddling her first cologne, Rouge Man, for you musty dudes out there. Rih Rih took to Instagram to announce the fragrance release, calling it “a dream come true for me” and adding that she’s “so happy to present this to you handsome men,” (although sure, ugly guys could buy it too). The scent’s product description reads that Rouge Man is an “inherently masculine fragrance and ultra sexy,” adding that notes of citrus, herbs and spicy black pepper form the perfect contrast. You can grab a 3.4 oz bottle from Macy’s for $69.

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