Erykah Badu Blasted for Swaziland Performance, She Responds

Human rights activists are coming down hard on Erykah Badu following her performance at the 46th birthday celebration of Swaziland’s King Mswati III. The South African king is an alleged criminal tyrant who tortures protestors and weds a new virgin wife every year. So the socially conscious Badu is being called a hypocrite and accused of endorsing Mswati’s “political agenda.”

Despite all the hoopla, she told the Dallas Morning News she had no knowledge of Swaziland’s “political climate,” but went in as an innocent entertainer invited to perform by Jacob “the Jeweler” Arabov, and ended up giving her earnings to “all the servants in the house.”

The neo-soul singer took to Twitter (@fatbellybella, y’all) to further defend her character and claim she’s being used by critics to carry out their own political plans. “Don’t believe everything you read. They are banking on our ignorance. Research the agenda, the investors, and the angel.”

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Kelis Talks Splitting from Nas and Dating Post-Divorce

Ms. Kelis is still full off the release of her latest album, Food, and her fresh new show on The Cooking Channel, Saucy & Sweet. But she still had room to chop it up with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and dish some details on her new adventures, as well as the juice we really wanted: her current relationship with Nas and dating life as a single mom. The former Mrs. Jones said she and her ex-hubby are in a good place right now, focused on raising their son Knight together. She also cleared up the myth that Nas is holding her actual wedding dress on his Life Is Good album cover, and went on to say that she’s doing well on the dating scene. (No surprise, considering her milkshake is known to bring all the boys to the yard.) Go ’head, Kelis!

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Mariah Carey Drops Release Date, Cover Art and Title for New Album

After years of waiting for Mariah Carey’s new album—and attacking Jermaine Dupri on Twitter for the lack thereof—M. C. fans are finally about to get what they’ve been asking for. The seasoned singer made a promo video that she posted on YouTube announcing the LP’s new release date (May 27) and serving a taste of the album’s front and back cover art. (The cover’s a duplicate of her first self-portrait, painted when she was just three-and-a-half. Awww!) The mini MiMi photo is what inspired her new album title, which is no longer The Art of Letting Go, but Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. The album includes appearances by Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly and Nas.

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