Michael Jordan Hit with Paternity Suit #2

So it seems that the basketball court isn’t the only place where Michael Jordan exercised his skills as a playa. Earlier this year, a woman named Pamela Smith filed a suit against M. J., swearing to the angels and spirits and the holy ghost that he was the father of her 16-year-old son—yes, that means he was still married to Juanita Vanoy. Pam mysteriously dropped the charges, but Mike’s not all the way off the hook. Now another woman, Laquetta Theus, wants Jordan to pay up for their daughter she birthed in 2010, but Mike says he ain’t the papi! All I know is, with the way these babies and angry mommas are popping out the woodworks, Jordan better be saving his money for that child support instead of shelling out millions on doves, lions, tigers and bears at his fancy weddings.

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Suge Knight’s Ex-Fiance Dropping a Tell-All

Here we have another hip-hop ex leeching exploiting her relationship with a well-known celeb for a chunk of change and a slice of fame. Former fiancée of Suge Knight, (oh, and did I mention aspiring TV host?) Stormey Ramdhan is yapping off about her past life as “the woman behind the most feared man in hip-hop” in a new tell-all. The book is juiced up with all sorts of drama, from the west coast vs. east coast feud to the Notorious B.I.G.’s shooting and all that other old hip-hop fuss. Kudos to Stormey for waiting 20 years later to dish out the deets about Sugey Suge’s life after he got knocked the f*ck out and we know longer care. But who knows, maybe she’ll sell enough units to get a nice cozy spot with the rest of the bloodsuckers on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop.  

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Keyshia Cole Ends Feud with Sister Neffe

If you’ve ever snuck a peek at any Keyshia Cole-related reality show, I’m sure you know homegirl’s family is all the way… special. The R&B G and older sister Neffeteria Pugh are always at it, but in recent years things have really gotten ugly following the release of the downright ratchet Frankie & Neffe Show. Now, to put the icing on the cake, Neffe released a shady bio last year that detailed her rocky relationship with lil’ Keysh. (Damn, I felt the knife in my back!) But all wounds have healed and round 3,062 is now over. Reality star and rumored lover of K. C.’s momma Frankie, Rob Hatcher, posted a picture on Instagram of the two reunited and rocking a matching pair of Cole’s pumps during a promo event for her new shoe line with Steve Madden. Neffe-Neffe followed suit and confirmed they were back in action via Twitter. But we’ll see how long the lovey dovey lasts before they’re back to calling each other sellouts and hoodrat leech b***es!

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