Tyrese Faints at a Club in DC

Along with fellow TGT members Ginuwine and Tank, Tyrese Gibson appeared at The Park club in D.C this past Friday to promote the trio’s new release, Three Kings. He was having a good ol’ time two-stepping and collar-poppin’ until it was lights out and he dropped down to the ground… literally! Black Ty was in the middle of hitting the Dougie, twerking and busting the Cat Daddy when he fell out in the middle of the club, nearly breaking his arm from the impact. While most folks thought it was a case of too much slizzard, a rep for the veteran singer/actor says he passed out due to exhaustion from going hard promoting TGT’s new LP. But let’s keep it 100 Ty, we know you really fell out battling Ginuwine in a pop-locking contest! Next time remember your age and just stick to the one-two step.

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Mike Tyson, on the Verge of Death, Calls Himself a “Vicious Alcoholic”

During ESPN’s Friday Night Fights post-fight press conference in Verona, New York, Mike Tyson wowed the crowd with a teary-eyed revelation: he’s been lying about his sobriety and his life is jeopardy because he’s a “vicious alcoholic.” The former boxing champ-turned-promoter said he hadn’t sparked a drug or popped a bottle in six days, which he added was a miracle. Between his chest-heaving and snot-nosed choke-ups, the one-hitter quitter vowed to never use again in his life. Good for you Iron Mike. Maybe now you won’t have the urge to bite off ears and eat people’s children.

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Anthony Hamilton Arrested for DUI

What is up with these R&B singers getting drunk and racing through the streets like Nascar drivers? We never saw it coming, but Anthony Hamilton was just added to the list of soul crooners arrested for speed-racing while sipping on the Henny. Cops initially pulled him over in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina around 2:30 Sunday morning… for what? Speeding! (Okay mini Miguel.) Then the copos suspected too much booze-guzzling and locked him up for a DUI. He regained his “freedom” just hours later, but I know I’m not the only one who’ll never look at this drunk-driving soulman the same.

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