Chipotle Sues Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is being sued by Chipotle for backing out of an ad campaign. The Mexican food chain is demanding back the $212,500 advance they paid to the always-gettin’-sued singer after he refused to go through with their deal due to an alleged breach of contract. What made the Odd Future leader feel this way, you ask? Evidently, Chipotle wanted to add their logo to the end of the agreed animated ad. (Isn’t that the whole point of an advertisement?)


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Omar Epps Stars in ABC’s New Series, Resurrection

If you’ve missed seeing Omar Epps around in TV land, then wait no more, because he’s the star of ABC’s new thriller, Resurrection. The show, which debuted this past Sunday, follows U.S. immigration officer Martin “Marty” Bellamy as he investigates supernatural occurrences in the town of Arcadia, Missouri. The show seems pretty interesting, but let’s just hope Epps doesn’t pop up on set with another one of those leather man-skirts like he wore last week on The View.

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Naomi Campbell Leads UN March to End Violence Against Women

Naomi Campbell may be known for wildin’ out from time to tome, but apparently the top model isn’t all that bad. The world-renowned Blackberry slinger led this year’s United Nations march to cease violence against women in support of International Women’s Day. Not sure if her doorstep was their first place of protest, but the fierce-fisted diva seemed to be pretty serious about the march and its purpose. Good for Naomi. Maybe this movement will make her think twice before she goes HAM on another assistant.

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