Is Dwyane Wade Saying Something Without Saying Something on Instagram?

For this week’s #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday: a popular trend on social networks where people upload a photo of their girl crush—for all you over-40 folks out there), Dwyane Wade featured none other than his soon-to-be-wife, Gabrielle Union. In a mushy-gushy caption, he mentioned something about how his “life mistakes” gave him Gabrielle, and those same “life mistakes” almost made him lose her.

We all know that the Heat baller tipped on Gabby and produced an outside child. Now everyone’s wondering if he was implying that he screwed around with the star actress while he was still with his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Wade. (Hmm.) Let’s just hope that Being Mary Jane is just a show. Nice tribute, by the way!

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Keyshia Cole Snaps at a Nosey Fan on Twitter

For all you intrusive fans out there who think you’re relationship experts who can give Keyshia Cole advice on her seemingly failing marriage, don’t play yourself. Take it from a young lady who thought she was Bishop T.D. Jakes for a day when she tweeted the star preaching about how she and her husband stood before God, and how Keyshia needs to “fight” for her “life.” Miss Cole’s response: “Don’t get blocked.” She later apologized and Little Red Riding Hood accepted. But said Nosey Rosey was speaking on things she had no knowledge of. (Translation: you ain’t got the answers!)

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Future Reveals the Sex of His and Ciara’s Baby

If you’ve been wondering what the sex is of Future and Ciara’s famous fetus, it appears as if pops done slipped up and revealed the baby’s gender by accident. Just after CiCi announced her pregnancy, she said she wanted to keep the little lad’s privates private. But in a recent interview, Future was set on referring to his unborn child as a “he.” After realizing he spilled the juice in the midst of his excitement, the Honest MC said, “See you got the sex outta me and you don’t even know it.” He then tried to clean it up. But too late buddy boy, we now know that nursery is dipped in blue.

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