G-Unit Addresses Michael Brown Shooting on “Ahhh Sh-t”

G-Unit has officially joined the list of hip-hop stars to rhyme about the unlawful slaughter of St. Louis teen Michael Brown. “Your hands up, you still getting shot,” 50 Cent raps on the chorus to the new single “Ahh Sh-t,” also featuring Kid Ink and Young Buck. On his verse, Buck spits, “Ever since Mike Brown went down/My whole city like, f—k a cop.” The song, which dropped yesterday, also includes audio from the death of Eric Garner, an asthmatic New Yorker who died after police officers put him in a sustained chokehold. Kudos to the Unit for getting their heads out the sand.

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Rihanna Shuts Down Beyonce Collabo Rumors?

If you have dreams of a Beyoncé/Rihanna collaboration coming up anytime soon, looks like that’s a big, fat nope! Rumors ignited that Ri Ri was teaming up with Baddie Bey for a remix of Yonce’s “Blow” after a faux ASCAP listing of the collaboration started making its rounds on the ’net. One of Bad Gal’s nosey Navy fans asked if the rumor was true, and Rihanna crushed all hope when she announced that it was all a wishful lie. Oh well.

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Queen Latifah Spotted on Vacation with Alleged Girlfriend

For decades, people have been speculating about Queen Latifah’s sexuality. And although she’s opted to keep her love life secret, that’s never stopped folks from assuming certain things about her sex life. (Set It Off was one of her best roles ever.) So it may come as no surprise that she was recently spotted vacationing in Italy with a young tenderoni rumored to be her girlfriend. Paps caught the talk show host booed up and looking all types of drunk in love with this mystery woman. I’d go ahead and say what I’m sure all of you are already thinking, but that’s none of my business. (This tea though!)

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