Jay Z’s Five Percenter Medallion Causes a Frenzy

For all the conspiracy theorists out there, it appears your boy Jay Z has converted from the devil-worshipping Illuminati to Clarence Smith’s Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths. Since this infant religion espouses principles about White people being devils, inferior to the Black man who is God, it’s mauybe understandable why Jigga’s decision to show up to a recent ball game at The Barclay’s Center rocking a Five Percenter medallion would make some White folks uneasy. (I can already hear those iPhones switching from Jay Z back to Coldplay.) While it’s been made clear that Hov is not an actual Five Percenter, donning a big ass eight-star chain obviously indicates that he identifies with the faith in some way, shape or form. (Hope his new bling doesn’t run all his “devil” fans away.)

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50 Cent’s New Power Series to Air in June

Although 50 Cent has been ordered to cough up $16 million in the case he lost against the headphone company Sleek for allegedly stealing their designs, he just might make that right back with ventures like his new executive-produced Power series. The show is scheduled to air June 7 on Starz. Of course, the show involves young thugs and gunplay (or it wouldn’t be 50), with Omari Hardick in the lead role as an established businessman who owns a shady, drug-slinging nightclub called Truth. Viewers will also get to hear some of the tracks off Fif’s upcoming Animal Ambition; his upcoming album serves as the soundscape to the thug series.

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Monica Details How She Checked a Teacher For Snatching Up Her Son, Rocko

If you’re a fan of Monica’s music, you’re probably aware that she don’t play. So the recent revelation of how she handled a teacher who yoked up her eldest son Rocko and threw him into his cubicle for not sitting “properly” should come as a surprise. Instead of pulling out the Vaseline and Timbalands, the new wife and mother of three took take the calm approach. She decided to have a talk with the principal, as well as another educator, to set up a meeting with the kids in her son’s class and the choke-happy teacher so that she could better “assess the situation.” Luckily for Ms. Yokster, the new, righteous Monica took a minute to breathe, because if this were 1996, things would’ve been a lot different.

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