Jennifer Hudson Gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Jennifer Hudson is officially a star…on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  (Beyoncé doesn’t even have one of those, at least not on her own—take that Deena Jones!). The “Dreamgirl” claimed her spot on the legendary stroll Wednesday morning and no jive Clive (Davis) hit the crowd with an “Aww” moment when he compared the singer to Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. (Jenny had to tame herself from taking it to church! Homegirl was so amped she almost broke out in song. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but she was about to cry). The powerhouse sanger had a touching talk with her late mother during her acceptance speech, and like any good Southern church girl, thanked God for the glory. You gotta give it to J. Hud, the girl is working this entertainment business something fierce honey. Congrats love!

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Spike Lee & Tyler Perry Squash Their Beef, Spike Says “One Day We Might Work Together”

A few years back, mega-producers/directors Spike Lee and Tyler Perry had a very public difference of opinions. It all started when the Brooklyn-bred Lee took a shot at the artist-also-known-as "Madea" for perpetuating “coonery and buffoonery” in his shows and movies, and from there, it was on like popcorn. Fast forward four years and the two have reconciled their differences (dining on a table of millions, I’m sure). Spike even told Oprah that he loves Tyler and we might catch a Lee-Perry collabo in the future (can you imagine what it would be like if Madea Meets Mookie? The world ain’t ready).

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Peter Gunz Regrets Marrying Amina Buddafly, Admits He Needs Help

In today’s edition of ratchet reality, TV’s newest slumdog minus-the-millionaire, Peter Gunz, crocodile cries the blues about his twisted love life and two-timing ways. He claims he regrets not working it out with baby momma number 55, Tara Wallace, and putting a ring on yuckmouth Amina. PG boo-hooed about Tara finding out about his affair on national TV (guess he didn’t think about that before he signed on for the show), but I bet little Steebie wasn’t crying when that first check rolled in.  Public enemy last name Gunz confessed that he needs some serious therapy, but something tells me Mr. Dusty Feet won’t be done with the hanky “pankey” anytime soon.

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