Karrine Steffans and Lil Wayne Back in Action?

As quiet as it’s kept, Lil Wayne is in love… with Superhead! Well, at least that’s the way she makes it sound. Weezy is on a tour stop in Germany right now, and old bed-buddy Karrine Steffans flew into the country the other night, making sure to put it out there for all the Twitterverse to know, while telling us to “ssssshhhh” in the process. (Right.) Then she wrote this sweet little love letter detailing the everlasting love she shares with this special person who “belongs to the world,” a.k.a. Lil Tunechi. (I swear I heard the violins from Titanic playing in the background.)

She went on about how all the other “silly little boys” were just toys that distracted her because they could do “amazing things with their mouths”—Yung Berg, you can go ahead and pick your face up off the floor—and let us all know that nothing will keep her from running back to her boo! Funny thing is, I never knew her and Wayne were officially a couple, but hey, whatever man.   

Read it at Rhymes with Snitch.

Ja Rule Gets Saved After Filming I’m In Love With a Church Girl

Murder Inc.’s top killa has abandoned the life of guns and crime for church shoes and Sunday tides! Yes, Ja Rule is saved! Pastor Rule stepped up to the pulpit and preached about his newfound faith to the New York Daily News. (Can I get an amen?!) He says he found similarities between his old thuggish self and the character he portrays in the sanctified film I’m in Love With a Church Girl, and now Rule is thugging no more. (Thank ya Lord!) The man once telling us to “clap back” is now singing a new tune, yes Jesus, and letting all the youngin’s know ain’t nothing wrong with a little prayer. (Bless ’im!)

Read it NY Daily News.

Mike Tyson Advises Chris Brown to “Get It Together”

If anyone knows about temper tantrums and knocking people the f’k out, it’s Mike Tyson. But now that he’s changed his life around and slipped out of beast mode, the world champ decided to lend a few wise words to the industry’s new fist-pumping villain—Chris Brown. In a radio interview with 95.5 PLJ Morning Show, Mike, in his infamous eloquence, advised baby Tyson to control his fits of rage before he ends up sharing bunks with Bubba. “They’re gonna put him somewhere where that’s all they do is assault people.” C. B. better take it from a triple OG and turn down that boxing meter!

Read it and watch it at TMZ.