Jaden Smith Drops CTV2 Album and Blows Your Mind in T Magazine Interview

One month ago, Jaden Smith, 16, issued a bold challenge to MCs. “Dear Everybody Who Can Rap Better Than Me. Please Show Me,” he wrote on his Twitter account (@officialjaden), adding that he’s got two or three albums on deck. Well, he’s unleashed one of those projects yesterday (November 17), bundled in an app. The eight-song release is titled CTV2 (short for The Cool Tape, Vol. 2) and it’s available for download as the “Jaden Experience” on iTunes.

Surprisingly, CTV2 is only the second biggest piece of Jaden news in this young week. A joint interview with his younger sister Willow Smith that was published in The New York Times glossy, T Magazine, baffled readers with abstract philosophies about newborn babies’ prana energy and how time doesn’t actually exist. Here’s a quotable from Jaden about the futility of schooling: “You never learn anything in school. Think about how many car accidents happen every day. Driver’s ed? What’s up? I still haven’t been to driver’s ed, because if everybody I know has been in an accident, I can’t see how driver’s ed is really helping them out.”

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Wale Spoofs His Viral Complex Rant With Jerry Seinfeld, Announces Simply Nothing Tour

In the loosely paraphrased words of Erykah Badu, Wale is sensitive about his art. But that doesn’t mean he can’t poke fun at himself. In a video skit promoting his joint Complex magazine cover with Jerry Seinfeld, the 30-year-old DC rapper puts a comedic spin on the viral December 2013 phone call that found him yelling and cursing at an editor of the aforementioned publication over his lack of inclusion in its 50 Best Albums of 2013 list. The skit depicts Seinfeld—a friend and musical inspiration to Wale—putting the battery in his back before the call.

“It’s gotta be personal. How are you not number one?,” the comedy legend asks, while Wale modestly rationalizes. “You’ve gotta call them… And I want you to use the N-word. Use it a lot. They’ll know you’re serious.”

The hilarious odd coupling is celebrating Wale’s upcoming Album About Nothing, which follows a Seinfeld theme and reportedly features contributions from the show’s main character. While the LP has no release date, the MMG lyricist has announced he’s embarking on the 31-date Simply Nothing tour starting New Year’s Day in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Watch it at Complex.

Chadwick Boseman Talks Training For Black Panther Role

Chadwick Boseman has been on a winning streak since 2013, when he first stepped up to Hollywood’s plate in 42 as Jackie Robinson. And after portraying James Brown in the Get On Up biopic, he’s stepping into an entirely new universe for Marvel’s Black Panther. The 37-year-old actor spoke about physical training for his superhero role while at the Hollywood Film Awards. “A lot of strength and flexibility, but I’m not going to say anymore,” he told E! Online. “I can’t say or reveal their training secrets.” While he said he wasn’t an avid reader of Black Panther comics as a kid, he’s obviously brushed up on the Marvel mythology. Boseman makes his debut as Black Panther in November 2017.

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