Drake Named New Exec for Toronto Raptors

All you meme-makers are having tons of fun dogging Drake for his sensitivity on Instagram and Twitter, but I have a good one that you all might like: Drake the type of dude to… make a milli transforming his city’s basketball team into one of the top brands in the NBA. (OK, that was corny, but you see where I’m going with this.) As soft as Drizzy is, his influence is crazy hard. The mushy-gushy rapper has been appointed to elevate the status of the Toronto Raptors for the 2014-2015 season by redesigning the team’s entire steez—with the exception of their name—and pulling together an incredible NBA All Star Game for 2016. OK baby Hov! Just don’t have the players out here looking crazy with airbrushed Jaden Smith jerseys.

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Janet Jackson and Hubby Planning to Adopt

As much as she loves to talk about knocking boots and bumping uglies, I thought Miss Freak-a-Deek would’ve had at least a starting five by now. But at 47, Janet Jackson has yet to get knocked up and push out a little Jack—unless there really is a Renee shacking up with Rebbie—so she and billionaire boo Wissam al Mana are getting ready to push up on a few biddies that somebody else pushed out. Close friends and family say the pair are getting their Brangelina on, looking to adopt at least two kiddos from Jordan, or maybe even *hamhocked Syria. Congratulations to the couple! But what about a kid from Compton or Chicago?

*to be marked by chaos or madness due to people going ham

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Rev. Run Is Going to Be a Granddaddy!

There’s going to be a new edition to the already big ass Simmons family! Reverend Run’s cutesy princess Vanessa Simmons (yes, he has another daughter besides Angela) posted a picture of her ultrasound on Instagram and announced she’s expecting a baby girl. This is the Rev’s first grandbaby, so right about now, he’s a happy papi! But get this: the father is Mike Wayans (son of Damon Wayans), so it looks like two of entertainments biggest powerhouses have merged. (And I do mean biiig, ’cause we all know the Simmons and the Wayans are rolling deep!) Way to keep that money line poppin’ though… but in a minute, they’ll have enough troops to start their own football league.

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