Jay Z Forgets Lyrics While Performing… Again

There comes a time in an old rapper’s life when one must remember his age… preferably when he starts to forget his lyrics on stage. During Jay Z’s stop in Manchester, England for his Magna Carter…Holy Grail UK tour earlier this month, Hov had a senior moment, drawing a blank while reciting his verse on “No Church in the Wild.” (And yes, it was caught on video.) Now footage has surfaced of gray Jay stumbling and fumbling to recollect his line on Drake’s “Pound Cake,” as he slow dragged on stage in Birmingham. It’s a painful sight to see, but this is what happens when you try to maintain a rap career after you’ve become a member of the 40/40 club.

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Azealia Banks Talks Stripping, Child Abuse, and Sleeping with Married Men

For those of you who don’t know pop star Azealia Banks, let me give you a quick run-down: she’s always in the middle of some ish, comes off extremely disrespectful, and is just plainly off-the-hook. But now it all makes sense. The Harlem-bred rapper opened up to the London Sunday Times about growing up poor with an abusive mom, sliding down poles and sleeping with older men for cash. She says after her father died of pancreatic cancer from “red meat, coffee, cocaine and Courvoisier,” mom dukes went wild and started busting down on Banks and her sisters, creating another Black girl lost. Sad article indeed, but it definitely explains why “Yung Rapunzel” is always throwing fits and lashing out on Twitter.

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Future Suing Drake for $1.5 Mill

In singing rappers’ news, Future just got tooted and booted off Drake’s upcoming tour for being “honest.” Ciara’s boo-thang took a trip to Billboard magazine’s office and started bumping his gums about how weak Drizzy’s Nothing Was the Same is compared to his music that all sounds the same, which ended up in a nice little article and a slew of tweets on the author’s Twitter timeline. Apparently, Drake is the type of ninja to kick another mushy rapper off his tour if he criticizes his music, because once he caught wind of the shade, it was a nice big karate chop for Future. Now “Tony Montana” is telling Drake to say hello to his little lawsuit friend, hitting him with a $1.5 million claim for the pound cake he would’ve stacked on the tour.  

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