Jay Z Cheats with Stream of Women?

All you Jayoncé fans, get a load of this: it’s looking like your boy Jay Z has been getting his Lamar Odom on. (Or his Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan… you get the picture). Last week, a Miami rapstress named LIV dominated gossip streams and blog sites with accusations that the multi-milli megastar tried to pick her up not too long before he married Beyoncé. Now celeb insiders are claiming this is nothing new to Jay, that he keeps the birds flocked up every time his wife gets a little busy with her work. But that’s not where it ends. He’s even said to be smashing down another high-profile star, and sources say the two are spending a lot more time together, even more than before (hmm). Who knew? Maybe that’s why Bey went all Waiting to Exhale and chopped off all her hair. Don’t be surprised if the next time she’s in the news, it’s for burning up his clothes and setting his car on fire!

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Kim and Kanye Refuse 3 Milli for North West’s Snapshots

The thirst is unreal. Little North West’s first baby shots are in such a high demand that media outlets are trying to sway Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with $3 million just to get them. As surprising as it sounds, the couple pimp-slapped all money offers just like Kanye did that pap last month at LAX. Sources say that Kimye will either make the big reveal in an upscale magazine or keep it personable and release her first photos on their social media sites. If you’ve been paying attention to her memes, I’m sure you know Blue Ivy won’t be happy with that last idea. Bey, you better hold her back!

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Shaq and Lamar Odom Collect $287K in Lawsuit against Power Balance

Shaquille O’Neal and Lamar Odom made it clear that they don’t have to ball to get that bread. The two collected a combined $287K in a suit against Power Balance—a bogus company that hoodwinked athletes into believing they could attain hulk status by wearing their super-sham hologram bracelets. They got in on the class action suit after Shaq—who was a spokesman for the fraudulent business—and Lamar, an investor, both claimed that Power Balance never paid them all their scrilla. Depending on how PB’s bankruptcy case unfolds, the six and seven footers could bank even more dollars. Whatever you do Lamar, don’t go spending your settlement money on these microwavable popcorn hoes!

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