Jay Z Responds to Drake Diss On “We Made It (Remix)” 

While Jay Electronica was apologizing, Jay Z stepped down from his throne to give Drake a little lesson in “Rapping About What You Really Own 101.” During his pot-stirring Macklemore/Kanye-bashing interview with Rolling Stone back in February, sensitive Aubrey made a slick comment about Jigga’s overuse of art references in his lyrics being “corny.” In response, Jay raps: “Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk/Silly me rappin’ ’bout s#!t that I really bought.” Get you some art, Drake.

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Jay Electronica Apologizes for Album Delay

Yesterday (March 23), Jay Electronica dropped an unexpected remix to Drake (oh, yeah, and Souljah Boy’s) “We Made It,” featuring his boss/boy Jay Z. On the track, the celebrated wordsmith offers up a few sorrys to everyone who’s been waiting centuries for him to deliver an official LP. “Apologies go out to all of my fans ’cause they waited so patiently/This one is for all of the lost and forgotten Black angels that prayed for me.” Thanks a lot for the apology, Jay, but maybe we need to request that those same Black angels say another prayer for you to finally release a damn album. 

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Beyoncé Lands New Toyota Commercial

Since Jay Z is all into rapping about the life he really lives, I guess that means his wife is about to start singing about pushin’ Corollas and Camrys… because Beyoncé just became the latest spokeswoman for Toyota. In her new commercial for the popular car company, Baddie Bey depicts a montage of her life from her early days of singing lessons and dance rehearsals to her current reality of collaborating with star producer The-Dream and performing at sold-out arenas—all paired with an inspiring message to “get going” and create the life you want to live. That’s all well and dandy, but I really doubt we’d ever see Mrs. Carter riding around partitioning in the back of a Tacoma.

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