K. Michelle Defends Bashing Disrespectful ‘Monkey-Looking’ Fan

Drama, drama, drama! After squaring up with damn near the whole cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, bashing boyfriends and taunting Tamar Braxton, you would like to think that K. Michelle is all out of bullets. Well, obviously not, because just the other day she let the barrel spray at a fan on Twitter who commented on one of her photos, complaining about K’s lack of respect for her friend who’d asked to take a picture while the “very special” singer was out eating in NY. After receiving backlash for calling the girl “monkey looking” and talking about her hair weave, Ms. Drama took to Twitter to defend her rant by saying the girl was drunk and her behavior was “monkey like,” so she was just keeping it trill. (Looking like a monkey and acting like one are two completely different things boo, so stop lying!) But nice defense… I guess K. has never watched herself on LHHA?

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Soulja Boy Sued for Hit and Run

Soulja Boy is in trouble again, and this time it’s not for cranking that yewwwww on American Airlines. (Missed that? Click here.) Earlier this year, one of his boys, Abrahim Mohammed Mustafa, got hold of Soulja’s Bentley and rammed it into an innocent motorcyclist, causing him to fly high from his bike and hit the pavement. Ask me did the man stop to see if my man was okay? NOPE! Him and his carful of friends fled the scene faster than Usain Bolt at a track meet. So now Crank That and the Bentley of hooligans are all being sued for negligence and demanded to pay the victim’s medical expenses and all that jazz. Next time, Soulja Boy will know not to treat Mustafa like royalty and send him back to the pack with the rest of the hyenas.

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Chief Keef Jailed for Failing Drug Test

Chicago’s Cook County jail just bagged another body, but this time he comes in the form of a long-haired rapper with a serious weed habit. (No, not Snoop Lion.) Chief Keef was sentenced to 20 days in the hole for testing positive for that sticky-icky yesterday morning. The random drug exam came as a result of Keef pleading guilty to a speeding ticket he received earlier this year. (Ol’ boy was getting his Miguel on, going 110 early morning in his BM). But this new bid comes as no surprise. This is the same guy who thought it was okay to joy ride a stolen Ferrari with the loud in his front pocket for his 17th birthday.

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