Kanye Wants North West’s Big Reveal to Be on the Cover of Vogue

It’s no secret that Kanye West is a fan of fashion and flashing—they don’t call him the Louis Vuitton Don for nothing—so that’s exactly why he wants little North West to make her world premiere on the cover of Vogue, in the arms of mommy Kim Kardashian. But the upscale fashion mag’s bourgeois editor-in-chief ain’t having it! Anna Wintour is not partial to Kim K.—or any reality star—sullying her pages with their no class. But Ye is determined to have his seed stunt on any and every celebrity baby to ever grace a tabloid or printed publication, so he’s doing everything he can to sway ol’ Anna. Call it a funeral, ’cause North Weezy is about to slaughter these tots! Don’t hurt her Blue Ivy, that little wench is trying to steal your shine!

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Frank Ocean’s Cousin Smacks Chris Brown with Lawsuit

At the rate he’s handing out beatdowns, Chris Brown is going to have to change his name to Chris Black and Blue. Him and Frank Ocean made headlines back in January for getting into a massive brawl outside a studio in L.A. This time, it wasn’t over Rihanna (not if Frank could help it); instead they scrapped it out over a parking spot (at least they were far removed from any champagne bottles). During the fight, Frank’s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte, claims he got stomped out by Breezy’s diesel-bodied bodyguard Hood, all while Chris antagonized him and egged on his gooney. So now Sha’Keir is upper-cutting C. B. with those papers. Soon, Mr. “Look at Me Now” will be more known for his appearances in court than his performances on stage.

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Soulja Boy Kicked Off American Airlines Flight for Acting a Donkey

Soulja Boy has been M.I.A. for a while; guess that’s because he’s been too busy cranking that yewwww on American Airlines. While on an AA flight this past Friday, the ATL rapper refused to get in his seat when the flight attendant instructed everyone to take it down. Even after she explained the consequences he would face if he didn’t cooperate, he still just didn’t give a floozy. So yeah, he got the boot. Obviously Soulja Boy Tell ’Em hopped up out the bed and turned his swag on way too high. Either that or he’s made friends with that same white girl who caught Ginuwine slippin’.

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