Kanye Finally Fires Back at Ray J

I know most of you have heard Ray J’s comical (yet catchy) springtime single “I Hit it First,” referencing his sexploits with Kim Kardashian. Kanye West has kept quiet up until Monday, when he finally decided to return a jab during his surprise performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He switched up the first line of his smash “Bound 2” and spit, “Brandy’s little sister lame man, he know it now/When a real brother hold you down, you s’posed to drown.” Way to go Yeezy… he waits 30 years later to respond to Boo-Boo the Fool. I’m just confused as to how he could call Ray a little girl when he was wearing a kilt.

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DMX Explains Hotel Streak

DMX is really trying to save his a$$. His naked a$$, but his a$$ nonetheless. He released an official statement claiming that his recent caught-on-camera, bare-bodied hotel run was nothing more than a dare between him and his DJ, NonStop. X says he and his team got bored as they chilled out in the Detroit telly, waiting for his performance time with Eve and Lil’ Kim on August 31, so he took the dare—not knowing the place was equipped with security cams. Okay you little drawers-dropper, I believe you. Next time just make sure you… stop, drop! Make sure all cameras on stop! Ooh, no, keep your drawers if they on roll!

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Rappers Respond to Gucci Mane

Well, it looks like Gucci Mane has started an all-out war. Yesterday, we reported the story of his name-dropping Twitter rant where ice cream face dogged a few rappers and called out industry chicks he claims he smashed. A few people involved in the scandal have already blazed back, including Ciara, T.I., Tyga, 2 Chainz, Blac Chyna and his number one conquest, Nicki Minaj. Tyga accused Gucci of having HIV, CiCi called him “gross,” and Nicki says he’s mad because she and Tyga turned down his request for a feature. But most responders pretty much stated the obvious: poor Burr Man just wants some attention (he does have an album dropping soon). Well, they better direct all shots to the real culprit, because according to the non-spelling rapper, his Twitter was hacked, so he ain’t say jack! (Rolls eyes).

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