Kanye West Says He Lost $16 Million Trying to Start a Fashion Line

When Kanye West was going on rant after rant about racism in the fashion industry, many wondered why the Chicago half of The Throne didn’t fund his own couture ventures. Turns out, Kanye-to-the did put his own bread up, and lost a lot of it in the process. In an interview clip for his BET Honors Visionary Award, the rapper/producer said he lost $16 million of his own money trying to get his own fashion vision poppin’. “I was trying to play a sport that’s a billionaire sport,” Yeezy said. “It’s not a millionaire sport. and I’m proud of the debt. I don’t care about somebody’s Ghost [Phantom] or somebody’s house. I care about my vision.”

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Bobby Shmurda Says He Wants Off Epic Records After Being Left for Dead in Jail

On A Tribe Called Quest’s “Check the Rhime,” Q-Tip offered an honest assessment on the music industry: “Rule number 4080/Record company people are shady.” Bobby Shmurda might’ve never heard that record. Still on lockdown after being arrested in December on an assortment of charges (and a $2 million bail), the 20-year-old rapper has been futilely waiting for his label, Epic Records, to come to his rescue. It hasn’t happened, and now Shmurda is reportedly looking to leave the label. “I’m going to try my best to go back on the deal,” the Brooklyn rep told The New York Times. “If not, I’ll give them their music and bounce.”

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Tyga Talks Kylie Jenner: “It’s All Love… We’re Going to Continue to Grow”

Mad about Tyga maybe-probably dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner? Welp, the Compton rapper couldn’t care less, and thinks you shouldn’t care either. Tyga, 25, appeared on 92.3 AMP Radio recently and basically said his relationship with Kylie is no one’s business but theirs. “Whether if I tell the world that I love her or I don’t, it’s gonna be me to dictate that, and how I want to keep my friendship and relationship with her,” said Tyga. “It doesn’t matter what the world thinks. If you’re around somebody and you love being around that person, that’s all that matters… She’s just a good person, she’s got great energy.” He added that they’ve been friends for seven years. “It’s all love there, and we’re going to continue to grow.”

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