Kelly Rowland Engaged?
For a while now, Kelly Rowland has been looking like the only single lady in her crew since all her high profile friends are getting wifed left and right. (Jayonce’s been rocking for years, LaLa and Carmelo Anthony are still balling hard, Ciara’s rockin’ Future’s bling, and Kanye has decided to make an honest woman of Kim K.). Well, it looks like homegirl’s manager and honey boo, Tim Witherspoon, finally put a ring on it…allegedly, of course. There hasn’t been a solid confirmation as of yet, but Kellz posted a cutesy video on Instagram shouting out a friend’s son for his birthday, and “unintentionally” flashed the rock.  For whatever reason, she’s trying to keep this thing on the low, but I’m going to say congratulations anyway: you go girl!
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Barneys Cancels Jay Z Holiday Collection Kickoff 
This Wednesday, Barneys—Black America’s least favorite retailer as of late—was supposed to host a shindig in honor of Jay Z’s holiday clothing line with the store. Welp, “due to unforeseen circumstances,” all that is out the window. (Guess they didn’t want a brick through their window! Or maybe they just didn’t think it was a good idea to be hip hop hoorayin’ for a partnership that had a lot of Black folks up in arms). Anywho, it’s clear that although the fiesta has been called off, all-bout-the-figgas Jigga is still going through with his “A New York Holiday” collection at Barneys, which debuts tomorrow (Nov. 20th). (Crickets).
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Kanye Explains Beef with President Obama
In case you haven’t noticed, President Obama and Kanye West have been low-key beefin’ for a few years now. Ever since Yeezy infamously rant-bombed Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA’s, POTUS ain’t been feeling Yeezus, “jackass.”   Fast forward four years, and the two have been throwing sneak jabs back in forth—the Commander-in-Slay took a subtle shot at Mr. and soon-to-be Mrs. West about their influence in pop culture over the summer, and little Einstein fake-faded Michelle Obama when he said she could never pull off a white bikini like Kim K. did on Instagram. (Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting this funny feeling that Michelle wouldn’t want to show off her a$$ online).
In interview with Philly’s 107.9 yesterday morning, Ye said the feud was just a case of El Barack-O jumping on the “hate Kanye” bandwagon, but he claims he’s like totally over it and warned the president to keep him and his BMs name out his mouth…or else he’ll like, outdress him or something (Kanye Kardashian voice).
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