Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Go At It

When it comes to Kevin Hart, we’ve seen some senseless shade thrown by Mike Epps in the past. But over the weekend, things were taken to a new level of unnecessary hate. During an interview on K104’s DeDe in the Morning, Michael didn’t hesitate to call the Kevin “overrated.” (Did anyone else’s blood pressure just rise from all that salt?)

Hart responded to the jabs on Twitter, threatening to book shows on the same days, in the same cities of his comedian rival to shut him all the way down! He also pointed out his success over Epps, even posting a video on Instagram to clown Mike’s struggling ticket sales. Then Mad Mike clapped back, saying Kevin wouldn’t be hot without social media, and that he sold out for a few pennies. And I thought all that petty drama only took place on reality shows.

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Wale’s Album About Nothing to Feature DJ Premier and Pete Rock Production

When Wale’s not busy practicing his wrestling moves on audacious anti-fans, he’s tapping legendary DJs to produce meaningful material for his upcoming Album About Nothing. (Not clowning, that’s really the name of the album.) The MMG rapper took to Twitter yesterday to shout out DJ Premier and Pete Rock for their contributions to his upcoming LP, slated for release before summer’s end. Now let’s see if he’s going to use that same pinned up anger and aggression that causes him to Twitter-snap on fans and fellow MCs to murder these tracks.

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Tyrese Blasts The Real Housewives of Atlanta

If you didn’t already know, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a bad influence on its viewers. Not only does it—and all “ultimate fighting” reality shows alike—subtly teach impressionable viewers that it’s okay to grab fistfuls of weave and Stone Cold stunner-slam unsuspecting foes to the ground. But it apparently also promotes unnecessary drama within otherwise happy marriages—according to Tyrese Gibson.

During an installment of his now-infamous motivational/inspirational wisdom videos, the singer/actor pointed out that the media tends to focus on the negative aspects of matrimony, and the relationship drama on shows like RHOA cause married folk to create issues within their own household based on the nonsense they see on TV. (Preach brother Gibson!) He believes it’s “the devil’s work,” and advises couples to stop letting that rubbish influence their happy homes. (In other words, you ain’t Kordell and Porsha Stewart… amen!)

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