Keyshia Cole Squashes Divorce Rumors

Keyshia Cole and hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson have had people wondering if they were ready to sign those papers following a series of sketchy tweets and posts on Instagram. Boobie even openly admitted that the two had been getting their Ike and Tina on (not literally… at least I hope not), and expressed his desire to get blasted after addressing an attempted robbery he encountered. (Whoa!) Sounds like another celebrity couple gone downhill right? Well, Mr. Gibson’s R&B thuggin’ wife posted a pic of her hubby holding their son on IG in the midst of all the rumors, just to let naysayers know it’s still all love. So all you haters need to follow Tamar Braxton’s advice and take several seats.

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Stevie J’s Side Piece Joining the Cast of LHHA?

Stevie J’s would’ve been 20th baby momma Promise B Mae just might be the newest edition on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. (Missed Mae’s pregnancy spill? Click here.) The wannabe aspiring rapper chopped it up with M Starz in a recent interview, and boy, did she have a lot to say. She swears she got rid of Stevie’s baby because she didn’t think it was the right situation (forget that he has 30 other kids and is a complete whorebag), and called MiMi Faust an old grandma who really is “damaged goods” who belongs on a shelf by her lonesome. The messy sideliner said we’ll have to wait to see if she joined LHAA’s cast, but with drama like this, there’s no way she’s not getting paid to air out Steebie’s dirty laundry.

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Gucci Mane Apologizes for Going Berzerk, Says He’s Going to Rehab

A couple weeks ago, Gucci Mane set the rap world on fire with his name-calling, juice-spilling Twitter rant. (Been living under a rock? Click here for a rewind.) Now that he’s back behind bars (tap here for that story), the out-of-control rapper admitted that he’s addicted to sizzurp, and his crazy behavior in the past few weeks was all a result of the lean. A proper-spelling member of his PR team Gucci hoped back on his formerly deleted Twitter account, professing his shame and sending sorrys to everyone he offended, specifically Drake, Rick Ross and Keyshia Dior Kaoir. Don’t be surprised if you catch him on the next season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, because Ice Cream and Lean promised to get help as soon as he’s released from the slammer.

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