DMX Files for Bankruptcy

Nothing’s changed… DMX is still a wild beast off his leash. First he passes out in the back of a cop car, now this? The stay-in-the-news-for-some-dumb-ish rapper filed for bankruptcy at a Manhattan court on Monday. The documents show that my man is $1 million to $10 million in debt, with less than $50,000 in assets. But this is the kicker: he owes $1.24 million in back child support. Pause. That takes deadbeat dadism to a whole new level. His rep claims that the main purpose for filing broke is so he can regain his passport to carry out a tour oversees. Is that so? Hope he uses that show money to catch up on some child support.

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Ciara Sells New Album on Groupon

This is sad, sad news. Album sales have gotten so bad for poor Cici that she’s resorted to selling discs next to discounted pizza and auto parts. Just three weeks after dropping her fifth studio LP, her self-titled album popped up on Groupon in a bundled deal along with Ciara’s Greatest Hits. Act now and you can get them both for the low price of $13.99! But you have to hurry, you only have three days left!

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Lil’ Kim Finally Releasing Her Autobiography

All you Lil’ Kim fans, get ready for some hardcore action! This week, the rap veteran confirmed rumors that she’s releasing her long-awaited autobiography, Price of Loyalty. The book will detail her life, career, and her time spent on clank clank (’hood for lockdown). You Kimmy fans have been thirsting for this for five years, it’s about time! But in case you want some more juice, she’s also slated to drop a mixtape reminiscent of her 1996 debut Hard Core, and a fifth LP later this year. It’s looking like the Queen is ready to regain her reign. Tell Nicki to bow down!

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