Ludacris Accuses Baby’s Mom of Extorting Him

It hasn’t even been a full month since Tamika Fuller popped out Ludacris’s child, and already the drama is jumpin’ off. A nasty child support case is underway, and according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Luda requested a gag order back in September to keep the case quiet due to his “great notoriety” and all. He claimed the request was necessary because Tamika threatened to air out all his dirty laundry if he didn’t give her $7,500 for her lawyer’s retainer fee and a brand new car. (It’s safe to assume she didn't get the ride, and clearly the judge denied the gag order.) Well Luda, this is what happens when you try to be “lovers and friends” with a woman when you’re already lovers with someone else.

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Young Jeezy Faces Jail Time for Beating Down His Son

Elsewhere in the Rappers and the Kids That Cost Them Money Dept., Young Jeezy is facing heat for reportedly threatening to bust a cap in his own son’s behind. Back in September 2012, Young Thugga roughed his boy up something wicked and threatened to “put a bullet in [his] head,” so the story goes. (Damn, I guess he is a gangsta in real life.) After grand jury warrants were issued for counts of false imprisonment, battery and making terroristic threats, Jeezy turned himself in to Atlanta police Friday. He was later released on a $45,000 bond, so we’ll have to wait a little while to see how this case unfolds. (Poor kid.)

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Wendy Williams Responds to Bikini Bod Backlash

Wendy Williams has been in the gym getting it right and keeping it tight, and she wants everyone to know it. Earlier this week, the famed talk show host released a photo of her hot new baawwdy posted up in crystal clear water somewhere in the tropics. (Miss Wendy was looking all “drunk in love” with her Beyoncé-ish short wig poppin’ and everythang.) Well, folks just weren’t buying that the bangin’ bod actually belonged to the 49-year-old gossip guru, so she had to set the record straight and let everyone know those flat abs and long, lean legs are the result of hard work and healthy eating. (Take the biscuit out of your mouth and you can get like Wendy too. Haters!)

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