Meagan Good Pregnant?

Meagan Good had people oohing and aahing back in June when she let her girls hang all out at the BET Awards. Now her getup at the 12th annual InStyle Summer Soirée has everyone speculating whether or not her and sanctified hubby DeVon Franklin are expecting a little one. The boob-flaunting preacher’s wife wore a body-hugging red banger that put the spotlight on a protruding kangaroo pouch. When a fan asked if she was preggers on Twitter, Goody Good put all the blame on pizza. Yeah, okay Meagan, you don’t have to front. We all know DeVon ain’t that holy… he probably got you pregnant that same night you came back from the BET Awards with your tatas poppin’ out.

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Amber Rose Posts Twerk Video from Bridal Shower

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose officially walked down the aisle yesterday, and what better way for ex-skripper Amber to celebrate her nuptials than to twerk a lil’ something? The night before her wedding, Sisqo’s long-lost sister posted a rump-shaking video on Instagram of herself booty-popping to 2 Live Crew. The caption read “Only bad bitches twerk the night before their wedding.” No Amber, only former pole strokers shake their booty meat the night before they tie the knot and post it on the ’net for the world to see. But at least we get to see why Kanye West was acting all crazy crashing speeches onstage, and why Wiz locked you down with a ring and a baby.

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Magic Johnson Tells Out-the-Closet Son E. J. to Steer Clear of Reality TV

Ever since Earvin Johnson III jumped out R. Kelly’s closet earlier this year, he’s become as famous as his dad. The fab, fierce fashionisto is picking up reality TV show offers from here to Vogueland. People are dying to be all up in his biznyee. But his legendary ball-playing pops Magic Johnson and mom Cookie are not having it! A family friend claims that E. J.’s parents are scared his life will be in danger if he goes through with doing a show because “they know there are folks out there who still hate gay people, and it would break their hearts to hear their son got attacked or even injured for just being himself.” Translation: we don’t want you sashaying onscreen and slaying the family name with your flamboyant furs, silk pants and snakeskin Gucci bags. Regardless of what they say, I think E. J. is down for that reality scrilla. Watch out RuPaul, there’s a new queen in town!

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