Michael B. Jordan Gets Buff for Boxing Role in Creed

Michael B. Jordan will have even more fans calling him “bae” when they see his bulked-up frame in the Rocky saga spinoff, Creed. The 28-year-old actor put on 24 pounds of muscle to portray an aspiring boxer who just happens to Apollo Creed’s son, trained by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Just how did he get diesel for the role? “Diet and exercise!” he revealed to E!. “Honestly, diet has a lot to do with it and lots of water… Literally in the middle of takes, I would just be eating food. Chicken and rice and broccoli—a lot of it.” See the final product when Creed hits theaters on November 25.

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Young Thug Arrested for Threatening to Shoot a Security Guard in the Face

Young Thug must’ve hated Mall Cop 2. The incoherent rapper was arrested yesterday (July 15) on charges of making terroristic threats against a mall security guard. He reportedly threatened to shoot the guard in the face after being told to leave the building last week. According to Complex, a witness to the incident says the security guard threatened to ban Thugger and his crew for riding a Hovertrax (Segway without a handle) around the mall. Young Thug was apprehended without incident at a Sandy Springs home, yet bigger trouble might be on the way. An indictment stemming from Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting in April names Young Thug and Birdman as conspirators. However, no charges have been filed against Baby and his latest protégé.

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Fetty Wap Is Being Investigated in Grocery Store Fight

Did Fetty Wap beat up a grocery store cashier in New Jersey? A 19-year-old New Jersey ShopRite employee says he may have been the victim of a beatdown by the bubbling rap star. The story goes: Woman slaps cashier because her three friends thought he insulted her. Then, her friends all attack the dude. While the worker hasn’t filed charges (but can do so later), he says Fetty might’ve been one of the four assailants. Again, police are trying to identify the group to get to the bottom of the supermarket smackdown.

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