Miguel Jailed for DUI

Miguel must think he’s a superhero or something. First he’s smashing innocent fans in the head attempting Spider-Man stunts. Now he’s getting bodied then speeding through the streets like he owns a Batmobile. The cape-wearing singer hit the slammer yesterday morning after failing a breathalyzer given by L.A. officers. The cops initially stopped Blaxicanman for speeding and tinted windows, but got a whiff of booze once they neared his BMW, so they adorned the wannabe hero with a DUI. Luckily for him, he only stayed behind bars for a few hours before he was rescued on a $5K bond. One thing’s for sure, someone needs to take away those super boots and that magical leather jacket before he starts thinking he can outsell Beyoncé and her boy-bob with his handy-dandy slick-back.

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OWN’s Poor Ratings Nearly Cause Oprah a Nervous Breakdown

After decades of chilling in the number one spot, Oprah had gotten used to hogging the king’s throne. So when her OWN franchise started to travel down that slippery slope of nope!, O-dog just couldn’t take it. She says she didn’t realize just how much of an effect her network’s poor rating had on her mental state until she interviewed Kony 2012 creator Jason Russell. (Ya know, the one who started the worldwide campaign to catch Kony, the evil African child-killer, then lost his mind and got locked for naked rant-running.) The billionaire boss was about to lose it, but says that it was longtime beau Stedman Graham who helped her through her depression. Sounds to me like she was suffering from a case of the I-don’t-wanna-go-broke syndrome. #richpeopleproblems

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Christina Milian Engaged?

Christina Milian has been doing a lot of boo-loving with her new man Jas Prince—the son of legendary Rap-a-Lot Records architect James Prince, and the young mogul responsible for discovering Drake—but this is starting to look like more than just a regular ol’ bf-gf type fling. The cutesy singer posted a few flicks on Instagram coupled up with Prince, followed by a photo of some flashy gifts she’s received from her boo-boo. The Chanel bag and iced-out Rolex were nice Christina, but don’t try to act like we don’t see that big rock chilling on your marry-me finger! It’s safe to say that Ms. Milian knows how to get the ring. Just hope Jas doesn’t have any groupie assistants lingering around handling his business (or his beefcake).

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