Nas’s BM Dishes Dirt On Him, Kelis, Jay Z  

If you thought Carmen Bryan was messy before, the drama queen is taking things to a whole new extreme. In an “Ask Me Anything” session online, she spilled all types of juice, calling Nas bipolar, claiming him and Kelis asked her for a threesome, and implying that she fooled around with the Queens rapper while he was married to the pop star. Ms. Diarrhea-of-the-Mouth went on to profess how head-over-heels Jay Z was for her, and that if she wouldn’t have lost his child, Nasir would’ve “killed himself.” She didn’t fail to mention the two MCs’ newfound brotherhood was “forced,” and that if Kelis was on fire, she wouldn’t even “spit on that b*tch.” Good job girl… great way to promote your new book as well as the lack of respect for the father of your child. (SMH… the thirst!)

Read it at Rhymes with Snitch.

Mack Maine Hit with Charges For Sexually Assaulting Female Fans

I don’t know what it is with rappers upper-cutting female fans, but Mack Maine just got added to the list of weak rhymers with hand problems. In retaliation of his assault on two lady fans on a tour bus back in August, the Young Money rapper was jabbed with sexual assault and battery charges in Oklahoma yesterday. The two fans, Cailey and Rachel, say the obnoxious perv grabbed Rachel’s boob without consent, and when they tried to leave, he blocked the door before snugging Cailey in her grill. News flash Maine: odds are, they really wanted to meet Lil Wayne… don’t get mad and start KO-ing chicks because they’re using you as the middleman.

Read it at TMZ.

Mister Cee Drops AIDS PSA to Encourage Safe Sex

Mister Cee has been having a crazy few days. He announced his resignation from Hot 97 while on-air last Wednesday, then renounced his departure the next day during an emotional breakdown where he addressed gay rumors and his latest sex scandal involving Bimbo Winehouse—a drag queen who posted a video online of Cee soliciting sexual favors. Luckily for him, he’s found a way to flip the controversy and turn it into something positive. The legendary DJ teamed up with the AIDS Care Foundation and released a PSA on exercising sexual freedom, responsibly. Hats off to Cee. Good to know he’s finally being real and embracing his true self.

Watch it at Hot 97.