Nia Long and Ime Udoka Split?

Whadda you know? Nia Long and babydaddy number dose just joined the list of Hollywood exes, and Ime Udoka already has another boo thang… at least that’s the word swinging on the grapevine. Reportedly, the Spurs’ assistant coach has taken longtime side-piece “friend” Alicia Deforest off the bench and finally given her some official play. (Damn, playa playa ain’t waste no time.) Poor Nia… she got hammered for dating a White guy in The Best Man Holiday, but at this rate, don’t be surprised if she pulls a Halle Berry and catches jungle fever for real.

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Birdman Hands Out Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Birdman is no stranger to passing out those birds, man. (No, I’m not talking about the illegal ones.) For years, he’s been dishing out turkeys to the needy, and alongside fellow do-gooders Slim, Mack Maine, DJ Khaled and Ace Hood, Mr. Cleanhead plans to allot 3,000 of them thangs for this year’s holiday season. But I don’t think the Number One Stunna was wearing his thinking cap when he woke up in a new Bugatti and decided to flaunt it at Little Haiti Soccer Park in Miami where he handed out the gobble gobbles Monday evening. (Good way to make the less fortunate feel even mo’ po’.)

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Robert Townsend Confirms a Five Heartbeats Sequel

Looks like we’ll be getting another hot dose of J.T., Duck, Dresser, Choir Boy and Eddie Kane, because cinematic mastermind Robert Townsend served the word that there will indeed be a sequel to the Temptation-esque classic The Five Heartbeats. (Although I’m not sure what group the new movie will focus on; we all know the ’beats ain’t pumping like they used to.) Whatever the case, it’s going to be interesting to see which new jive turkey is gonna try to replace ol’ E this time around, ’cause can’t nobody sang like Eddie Kane! Nights like this, I-I-I wish… raindrops would faaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-alllllllll!

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