Nicki Minaj Previews New Music with a Twerk Session

Nicki Minaj has been snatching headlines for ditching the circus-colored wigs and Willy Wonka threads and returning to her tamed naturalesque look as of late. She’s also made it clear that she’s getting back to more than just the roots in her hair, because all the theatrics are out the window when it comes to this new album as well. (Sorry, no more fist-pumping anthems.) So what better way to take it back to the hood than to release clips of some new material coupled with a twerk session? (Yes mainstream America, twerkin’ comes from the hood, not Miley Cyrus.)

Yesterday morning (Thursday, April 24), she uploaded a snippet of a fresh track to her Instagram account that I’m pretty darn sure no one was listening to with all that injected booty twirling around in the video. The cake-clapping rapper joked it off with a caption that read: “This ain’t me. It’s a friend of mine.” But we all know a wobblin’ Nicki butt when we see it.

Read it at MTV.


Ciara Covers W Magainze, Talks Pregnancy, New Music and Her Future with Future

A very pregnant Ciara has joined the wave of basketball-bellied celebs to glam up the cover of a magazine with her new spread in W. (And stunningly so.) The future Mrs. Future opened up about the connection she has with her rapperman and how their personal “body party” led to back pains, aching feet and a swollen belly.

The usually private CiCi says she’s been so public with her pregnancy—snapping a gazillion pics and all—because her mom didn’t take a lot of photos of her when she was a little slugger, so she wants to document everything. Once she drops her bouncy boy though, she plans to jump right back in the gym to dump off that baby fat so she can fit into the perfect wedding gown. Watch out North West and Blue Ivy!

Read it at the W Magazine.

Pharrell Releases First Interactive “Social Book”

If you hadn’t already recognized the brilliance under Pharrell’s Smokey the Bear hats, here’s a little something that just might open up your eyes: the man has released the world’s first-ever “social book,” where participants must scribble in missing words in real time, and gain writing credits if they’re the first to correctly fill any blank space. The co-authoring experience will be available in five different languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French), and once all the voids have been patched up, Inspiration will become available for purchase. All proceeds will go straight to P’s From One Hand to Another nonprofit for underprivileged kids.

To engage in Pharrell’s phenomenon, click here

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