Oprah Holding a Grudge Against the Obamas?

SMH… this beef thing has gone to a whole other level! Remember how hard Oprah Winfrey went for President Barack Obama in ’08 when he was first campaigning for presidency? Word is that the Obamas had promised O special access to the White House if he won. I’m talking heads up on everything, from spanking new initiatives to top secret twerk sessions jumping off in the oval office—all to spice up her rising OWN network. Well Obama won, and none of that V.I.P. action ever happened. Now the streets are buzzing saying that Oprah has banned the First Family from her O magazine, and she refuses to help Barack spread the word about Obamacare. Oh well… next time, the prez will know to salute a big dog when he sees one!

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Beyoncé Thanks TLC for Giving Her One of the Best Times of Her Life

After sharing their life stories in the poppin’ biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, the love they received in return made it clear that this girl group has touched a lot of lives. Seems like we can go ahead and add Beyoncé to the list of lovey-dovey fans, because in a recent interview, Chilli and T-Boz recount a backstage moment where Queen Bey bowed down. They said the Houston rocket approached them and thanked the pair for letting Destiny’s Child open up for TLC on their world tour, years before Beyoncé was Beyoncé. The BeyHive leader revealed that it is one of the most cherished moments of her life! (Aww… *moment*!) I think I’m going to cry now.

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T-Boz Gives Keri Hilson the Side Eye For Imitating Her Style

In other TLC news: once again, Keri Hilson is stealing T-Boz’s steez! She borrowed her look in a scene of her “Pretty Girl Rock” video a few years back, but this time around, Ms. I’m-Doing-Too-Much decided it would be a good idea to dress up like the old T—with the short ’do, two long bangs hanging and everything—and post it on Instagram in attempt to pay homage. Well, from the looks of things, @TheRealTBOZ wasn’t too amused. She took the time out to retweet a message from a fan that gave Keri the “trick sit down” face in response to her swagga-jackin’ photo. Guess Beyoncé ain’t the only one who shows no love to Ms. Keri Ba-bay!

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