Prince Takes Back His $22 Million Lawsuit

Earlier this week, we reported that Prince was suing 22 fans for bootlegging his live shows (click here if you missed that). Apparently, the Purple One has had a change of heart, because he just Miguel leg-dropped the $22 million lawsuit. Maybe this sudden dismissal has something to do with the fact that he’s touring the UK soon and releasing a new single, “Pretzelbodylogic,” any second now. What does that have to do with anything? Well, when you’re in the business of selling concert tickets, I’m pretty sure you don’t want prospective attendants feeling like they’ll go into a million debt for posting footage of your concert on Facebook.

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Toni Braxton Buys $3 Million Mansion Six Months After Going Bankrupt

Speaking of millions of dollars, our girl Toni Braxton just shelled out three times that on a brand new crib in Calabasas, California. Reality TV must really be filling up her bank tank, considering she just settled her second bankruptcy case six months ago (after first filing suit back in 2010). That Braxton Family Values dough copped her a nice chunk of land in the upscale gated community known as The Oaks—just a few houses down from R&B thug Justin Bieber. Round of applause for Ms. Braxton and the new home!

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Happy Birthday Oprah: The Queen of Media Turns 60

Yes, yes y’all: the biggest baller/shot-caller of them all hits the 6-0 mark today. Media maverick Oprah Winfrey has a lot to celebrate, considering she’s running a multibillion dollar empire that consists of a successful cable network (OWN), multimedia production company (Harpo Productions, Inc.), and an esteemed magazine (if you don’t know what that’s called, go slap yourself). Sources say she was supposed to host a big bash, but opted not to when the guest list got too heavy. So the “life your best life” guru plans to have an intimate black-tie affair in Montecito, California instead. Now all we can do it wait to see if Stedman Graham is really going to put a ring on it like insiders said he would (click here if you missed that). Anyway, happy birthday Oprah!

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