Maia Campbell Says She’s Staying Clean for Her Daughter

Maia Campbell had been generating a lot of negative media a few years back when footage leaked of the 1990s child star tripping out on some super duper oooh-wee. Most folks thought she was out for the count and done for good, but… she’s back, mitches! Maia says she’s staying far from the white, lean, crystal, molly, Mary—any and all drugs that could send her back down that ratchet road—all to maintain a positive image for her daughter, who also aspires to act. Clap it up for Ms. In the House! Hope she really stays drug-free; it wasn’t looking too good for her out in these streets.

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Diddy Twerks on Ellen

This twerking thing is getting out of hand! First mini-cakes Miley Cyrus bounces on the scene shaking her back, then twerk teams run wild rump-shaking in supermarkets and department stores. Now… Diddy? The former backup dancer showed off a few of his moves in a dancing game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it looks to me like Mr. Twerksum has been spending a little too much time in the strip clubs. He might as well just go on ’head and change his name to Sexual Chocolate and pop it on a stripper pole because Puff has some moves! I almost threw him my rent money!

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TLC Tells Pebbles to “Get Over” It; Chilli Threatened by Pebbles’s Daughter

Pebbles, Crystal Jones, and Pebbles’s daughter, Ashley Reid, have been talking really greasy following the premiere of TLC’s hit biopic. They’re not happy with the way Pebbles and Jones’s characters were portrayed in the movie. Ashley even jumped on Twitter to threaten Chilli and everythang, talking about how she can’t “WAIT” to see her in the streets! (Umm, was honeychild even born during the time of the action? Little Reid, have a seat!)

But Chilli ain’t worried ’bout nothing! In an interview on The Big Tigger Show, she and T-Boz silenced yappity yappin’ Crystal and Pebbles, swearing they spilled nothing but true juice—even saying there was a lot more dirt that they didn’t dish on Pebbles just to keep the story clean. (Bang, bang!) T-Boz hit ’em all with the finishing jab when she said, “All these scorned heffas need to get over it.” (Talk about a T.K.O. We’ll see which Bible verse Pebbles recites to rebuke that one.)

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