Jayoncé Named No. 1 Power Couple in America

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett may have years on them, and the Obamas may have that rank, but apparently they still can’t touch the power vested in Jay Z and Beyoncé. I don’t know if they’ve been praying to the wicked Illuminati witches or making some extra human sacrifices, but whatever it is, it’s working “blue magic.” Together, the two were crowned 2013’s most dominant figures in U.S. culture by Vanity Fair magazine. (Watch the throne!) Now let’s see if they can get Blue Ivy back on top of the celebrity’s most swagged out babies’ list, since Kimye keeps stealing her shine with all these fancy little pictures of North West.

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Queen Latifah On Her Way to Becoming the New Oprah?

Queen Latifah premiered her new daytime talk shown a few weeks ago, and already its ratings are Snoop Lion high. She’s averaging 1.8 million views per episode, knocking out rookie shows and Crip-walking on the suckas series it replaced. To top it all off, the Queen was voted one of daytime’s most liked celebs… so yeah, she’s looking real Oprah-fied right now. Don’t be surprised if you catch her on the next episode handing out private jets, airplanes and new cars.

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Pharrell Celebrating Secret Wedding in Miami

Back in August, Pharrell Williams got sneaky on us and married his gf and mother of his little Rocket Man (no jokes, that’s really his son’s name), during a private ceremony in France. Now the space hero wants to hop of his top-secret UFO and party with the earthlings in Miami. He’s planned an all-out garden party at the National Tropical Botanical Garden, the Kampong in MIA’s Coconut Grove, with big dogs like Jay Z and Justin Timberlake putting on mini concerts in the grass and practically the whole music industry flying high on the guest list. Since he just worked on Miley Cyrus’s new LP, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hosts an afterparty and rolls her in for a private twerk session.

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