Prince Announces Two New Albums

Prince is back! Today, the music icon dropped a press release announcing two new albums set to hit shelves September 30. The first is a solo R&B-funk-soul fusion entitled Art Official Age (a nod to De La Soul’s Art Official Intelligence?), and the second, Plectrumelectrum, is a collaborative LP with his new funk-rock band, 3RDEYEGIRL. But get this: the records will be distributed through his home label, Warner Bros.! (That’s right, the Purple One’s original label gave Prince his masters back—better recognize a G when you see one.) The albums are available for pre-order through digital retailers and on His Purple Majesty’s new official website,

Suge Knight Shot at Chris Brown’s Pre-MTV VMA Party

First he’s getting knocked out by your local barber; then he gets popped in the leg partying with Kanye West; now he’s being gunned down while running it with Chris Brown? Yeah, something tells me the name “Suge Knight” doesn’t quite give people the shakes anymore. The once scariest mogul in hip-hop was shot multiple times during Brown’s pre-VMA shindig at West Hollywood’s 10ak nightclub Sunday morning. Knight has since undergone surgery and is in the process of recovering, but a few eyewitnesses claim the shots were intended for Chris.

After the unruly Boyz n the Hood episode, Breezy aired his frustrations on Twitter.

“It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes. Miss me with the bulls**t!!!” I guess he’s not into the thug life after all.

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Drake Mocks Chris Brown

Rihanna must have sprinkled some special island gal magic on both Drake and Chris Brown, because it seems as though these two will never end their petty pretty-boy beef. During his Cincinnati stop for the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour, Drizzy took a break from whining about his exes to mock C.B.s hit, “Loyal.” (He even tried his hand at a few of Chris’s dance moves… safe to say he should stick to rap.) Fans claim Drake pulls the stunt every show to get the crowd hyped, but umm, something tells me Breezy might not take it that way. (Just keep these two away from glass and bottles.)

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