Raekwon Criticizes RZA, Claims He's "On Strike" from the Wu

RZA’s supposedly rusty production skills have pissed off Raekwon, and now the chances of him appearing on the Wu-Tang Clan’s final album, A Better Tomorrow, are slim to ghost. (See what I did there?) During an intense interview, Rae revealed an unknown beef between himself and the RZArector. (Raekwon claims there’s no animosity between him and “his brothers,” but boy did he sound angry). Raekwon isn’t feeling his boy’s production as of late, and thinks RZA’s sonic decisions are compromising the quality of Wu-Tang’s music. (Rae’s reaction to their new “Keep Watch” single? As Blaine Edwards would say: “hated it!”)

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“MiMi Shower Rods” Sell Out Across the Country, Kandi Burruss Attempts the Trick

By now, everybody’s heard about (or seen) Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith’s scandalous sex tape or the countless memes featuring MiMi’s now-infamous shower rod-riding action. (Poor little Eva.) Well now that the bathroom shower curtain-hanger has officially replaced Beyoncé’s surfboard, it appears that Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowes are having a hard time keeping those rods in stock because they’re in such high demand. (Translation: Ms. Faust is influencing millions to ride right into a neck brace.)

Before all you adventurous folks out there attempt to pull a MiMi, you might want to watch the video her fellow ATLien Kandi Burruss uploaded onto Instagram taking a swing on her own shower rod. (It’s not gonna work people!)

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50 Cent Calls New Diddy Single “Garbage”

It’s 2014 and 50 Cent is still going in on Diddy for no apparent reason. But this time around, he’s aiming his frustrations at his rap rivals new single, “Big Homie.” In an interview with Baltimore’s 92Q Jams, Fif said, “You know Puff ain’t got no music that you want to hear, that ‘Big Homie’ sh!t is garbage.” (Sorry to break the news to you Mr. Jackson, but 99.9% would say the same about you and your ICU music.)

Anywho, the always-starting-trouble ex-rap star went on to bring up an old lyric from “Bad Boy for Life,” where Puff said, “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks,” claiming that kind of fraud action is why Milli Vanilli got the boot. (Yes, he took it there.) While I’m sure Diddy is somewhere counting his millions or preparing for his upcoming commencement address/honorary doctorate from Howard University, something tells me 50 is just trying to stir up some much-needed attention for his forthcoming LP, Animal Ambition.

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