A$AP Rocky Charged with Assault for Slapping a Female Fan

Okay, so he whacked a female fan in Australia, then tried to fight security at the VMAs. But now angry A$AP Rocky has taken it a tad bit too far. A young woman who attended the Made in America concert in Philly on Saturday has filed a complaint against the pimp-slapping rapper, saying he struck her face with an open hand while moving through a frisky crowd at the show. The poor girl got “whiplash” and everything. So now lil’ Ike Turner is being charged with misdemeanor simple assault. Too bad Chanel Iman wasn’t there to hold him back and control his pimp hand; now Willie Dynamite has more than just some “F**kin’ Problems.”

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Ray J and Teairra Mari Star in a Love & Hip-Hop Spinoff?

Reports are circulating that Ray J and R&B singer Teairra Mari are gearing up to star in Love & Hip-Hop’s L.A. edition. The rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, but it’s looking like a strong possibility. Little Miss Mari is no stranger to the franchise, having strut her boobage stuff in a few episodes of the New York version. And we all know that Mr. “I Hit It First” is all too familiar with VH1 reality shows. I can see him now, stirring up more drama about Kanye’s babymama; bragging about how he put her on (although he’s yet to really get “on” himself); and foolishness, foolishness and more foolishness. All I have to say is: Kimye, get ready for the buffoonery!

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Michael Jordan’s Daughter Comes Out the Closet

It’s not just E. J. Johnson… Another iconic athlete’s kid has crept their way out the closet. Michael Jordan’s daughter Jasmine is officially an out and about proud member of the LGBT community. Her and her boo-boo Carmen Tyson-Thomas, a former guard for Syracuse Orange, have been flickin’ it up on IG, all lovey dovey and sprung out on each other. From the flicks and her response to a certain site’s negative commentary on her sexuality, it’s pretty clear that M. J.’s only princess is no man-fan. Kudos to Jasmine for being herself.

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