Redman Announces New Releases for 2014

If the absence of that 1990s rap sound has you nostalgic, never fear, Redman is here! That’s right, Doc is back and ready to prescribe some more roll-up material. (For medicinal purposes only, of course.) At SXSW, hip-hop’s original stoner said he’s working on a sequel to his esteemed Muddy Waters LP, and a part three to he and Method Man’s classic collaborative Blackout! series. Plus—get ready—a How High 2! (I can hear the lighters flicking up already.)

Read it at MTV News.

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Wendy Williams Opens Up About Past Crack Addiction

This may come as a shocker for some of you, but apparently your girl Wendy Williams used to hit the pipe. During her biographical recap on Centric’s Being, the former radio jockey revealed that she struggled with smoking crack during her early on-air days: “I had the money and the access and the time to do it. I absolutely loved it and there was never a time when I said, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ I was able to pay my bills. I was able to live a nice life.” (At least she’s honest.) The gossip guru said her parents grappled with her addiction, but she eventually quit on her own terms. Now she’s one of entertainment’s most popular TV hosts and sitting on a bank full of dough. So, how you doin’?

Read it at Madame Noire.

Kanye West Sentenced to Two Years Probation for Pap Assault Case

In the case where Kanye West slapped that intrusive photographer last summer at LAX airport, Mr. Kardashian has been whacked with two years probation, 24 mandatory anger management classes, and 250 hours in community service. The battered pap, Daniel Ramos, claims that he’s still poppin’ pills to ease the pain of his injuries. (He also said he felt threatened that Ye would come back for round two after his menacing message to the paparazzi during a Jimmy Kimmel appearance last October.) Poor thing… At least he can get two years of good sleep while Kanye’s on good behavior. 

Read it at BBC News.