Rihanna Accepts the AMA’s First Ever Icon Award… in Doobie Pins

Rihanna may be a worldwide idol with fancy spreads in upscale mags, but she surely brought the ’hood to last night’s American Music Awards. The young and wild pop star received the AMA’s first ever Icon Award, presented by Bill Maher, Jay Z and Momma Fenty. Everyone gave nice little sentimental speeches and RiRi herself even got all mushy on us, but I’m sure no one could really focus on her words with those sparkly doobie pins Ms. Hoodstar had shining bright like a diamond.

I know she’s a fashion hero and all, but umm, homegirl had a Sheneneh moment when she thought it was okay to rock a doobie—still wrapped—to an award show while she was being honored. (Guess she had to be ready to pop off in case Kanye tried to crash her acceptance speech, ’cause we all know he thinks Kim K. is the greatest thing walking.) Despite her ghetto fabulousness, let’s give two snaps and a doobie wrap to rude gal for achieving such a feat at just 25… metal head and all.

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R. Kelly and Lady Gaga Perform “Do What You Want,” Oval Office Style

Some things just never change apparently, because R. Kelly still doesn’t see anything wrong with a little “bump ’n’ grind”… even while he’s performing onstage. Last week, the R&B king and Lady Gaga (who was sparking like a ’70s queen with that shiny disco ball jumpsuit) turned us all out with their soft porn performance of “Do What You Want” on Saturday Night Live.

Last night at the AMAs, things were no different. With Gaga still looking like the lead character in Glitter, they took it back to the JFK/Marilyn Monroe days, with a twist of Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky in an Oval Office setup. (Yeah, Glitterbug really took “going down” to a whole new level… and I’m sure Mr. Freaky Deak enjoyed every moment.) In true Clinton fashion, at the conclusion of all the humpin’ and bumpin’, Kellz denied having any involvement with “that woman” and exited the stage. SMH… pimpin’ ain’t easy.

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LA Reid Says TLC Wasn’t Dropped From Epic, Lil Mama Joins in Live

Ever since the premiere of CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, there’s been a nasty war raging between LA Reid’s ex-wife, Perri “Pebbles” Reid, their daughter Ashley Reid, and the remaining members of the ’90s girl group. While LA slayed all rumors that T-Boz and Chilli had been dropped from Epic last week on Twitter, he did admit that the friction between the girls and his wife contributed to his marital issues back in the day. (But not the kind of friction with a certain red hot Chilli pepper that Pastor Pebbles is implying broke them up.)

Despite all the name-defaming and life threats, Tionne and Rozonda ain’t worried ’bout nothing. Although they didn’t get buck like Kellz and Gaga, they too shut it down at the AMAs, singing their timeless smash “Waterfalls” alongside Lil Mama. (No, she didn’t crash the stage this time… she actually got invited to perform). That biopic might have Pebbles throwing rocks, but obviously it gave TLC another boost, ’cause them girls are… winning!

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