Rihanna Avoiding Tyler Perry Movie Roles

An insider close to Rihanna claims she’s “under a mandate” to star in another film by the end of this year, but RihRih is staying faaarrrr away from Tyler Perry and his predictable rom-coms. Word is T.P. has been trying to bag Rihanna to shine in one of his flicks for a year-and-a-half, but just before she passed, the legendary Whitney Houston told rude gyal to steer away from Perry’s movies because they’re for “fading Black stars, not rising ones.” (Well, when you think about it…)

The source also said that Drake’s old fling/new boo thinks she works better in action movies like her film debut, 2012’s Battleship. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to end up being the typical drunk, low self-esteem having wife in a failing marriage with a bunch of man-drama and family issues rescued by the church. (Shrugs.)

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Casting Underway for Aaliyah Biopic?

Yesterday, we reported that the N.W.A movie is finally about to begin production this summer… and the biopics just keep rolling in. Reports have surfaced that casting for Aaliyah’s long-anticipated bio has taken off and funnyman Eddie Murphy’s adorable daughter Bria Murphy is looking like the leading lady. Now don’t get me wrong, Bria is cute and all, but hot enough to play Aaliyah? Where’s an unpregnant Ciara when you need her?

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Halle Berry Denies Divorce Rumors

Last month, stories began circulating that Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez were ready to sign those divorce papers. But Mrs. Martinez was quick to shut down those shameful rumors during an interview on Extra. She gushed about her family life and her man’s guess appearance the smash ABC series Revenge, professing how proud she was of him and how she thinks “he’s delicious” and all. Well, there you have it for all you gossips spreading lies that Ms. Halle and her berry-flavored hubby were in Kardashian divorce mode. People will believe anything.

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