Usher, Public Enemy, Run-DMC and Friends Sued for Copyright Infringement

Usher is headed back to court, and this time it ain’t to battle his babies’ momma. Along with Run-DMC, Public Enemy and a long list of other popular artists, the R&B king is being hit with a copyright infringement suit by the father of Syleena Johnson, bluester Syl Johnson. Syl claims they all stole from his hit “Different Strokes” (the same song he accused Jay Z and Kanye for biting on Watch the Throne), calling out Usher for unlawfully sampling the track on “Call Me a Mack.” Now, no disrespect to Mr. Johnson, but damn: 20 years later?

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J. Lo to Play Rihanna’s Mom in Upcoming Animated Film

Jennifer Lopez might be getting up in age, but she ain’t too old to show these young girls how it’s done! The spicy Latina will tackle the role as Rihanna’s mom in the DreamWorks animated knee-slapper, Home. RiRi might be the leading voice in the movie and the pop world, but J. Lo is about to show her how to do this, son!

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Solange Knowles Deletes Instagram Because Cyberbullies Made Fun of Her Son

These Internet thugs are getting out of control. Solange Knowles recently broke the news that she no longer flexes on IG because of wicked followers who bashed and slashed her friends and her son, Daniel Smith, Jr. Beyoncé’s swagged out little sis admitted that she could stomach all the uppercuts and hooks thrown her way, but when it comes to her little man, she don’t play play! I guess this proves that Solo is a tad bit more sensitive than her big sis, because it’s no secret that cyber thugs bash Blue Ivy and her Don King ’do all the time.

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