Tiny Fed Up with T.I.?

Uh-oh, looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris might be just a tad bit tired of hubby T.I.’s BS. On Wednesday, she retweeted a quote that started off with a big bold PAY ATTENTION TO HER, and pretty much hinted at her boo-boo on the brink of losing out on a good thing. First it was Janet and Jermaine, Nelly and Ashanti, Nas and Kelis, now it’s them too? Don’t know if it’s the groupie love or if he’s just an A-hole, but whatever it is, Tip better pull out his toolbox and get to fixing. My poor heart can’t stand another rapper-singer duo being swept down the drain.

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Brandy Clears Up “40 Fans at Concert in South Africa” Rumor

People are so mean; who would spread a rumor bashing sweet Brandy Norwood about performing at an empty concert? (But just in case you missed it, click here). Anywho, the star singer’s PR team released a statement saying that she was booked last minute for the show at the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day, so no one knew she was there. Miss Thang was not the headlining act, they added, and did not storm off stage in the middle of her show, but nobly performed her scheduled two-song set in honor of Mr. Mandela. That’s right B-Nice, let these rumor-spreading, false-story telling reporters know you would’ve sold out the whole stadium if it was your concert! (*Three snaps*) Don’t get it twisted, boo!

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2 Chainz Jailed for Obstruction of Justice after Refusing to Let Cops Search His Tour Bus

After tearing down the stage at the America’s Most Wanted Tour stop in Oklahoma City, 2 Chainz decided to do a little celebrating on his tour bus, Snoop Lion style. Too bad OKC police killed his vibes when they booked him and 10 of his boys for obstruction of justice after they refused to let the po-po get in on the fun. Initially 5-0 stopped the bus for a broken taillight, but noticed illegal drug activity once they made contact with the driver, who amplified suspicions when he put the bus on lockdown after he stepped out. So the boys in blue hauled the Chain train to a nearby police facility, obtained a search warrant and snooped until they hit the jackpot—or so they say. 2 Chainz took to Twitter venting, and denied any drugs being found. But all I want to know is: was he fresh as hell when the FEDS knocked him? Drop top, head bobbin’?

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