T.I. and Tiny on the Rocks?

Celebrities seem to like posting cryptic messages on their social networking sites that have all of us nosy folk oohing and aahing trying to decode the juice. ’Tis the case with T.I. and his wife, Tiny. Hustleman posted a photo on IG coupled with a disturbing caption that basically said f’k everybody except God, his kids, and his money—in that order. Well, considering he’s a married man, I’m like, “What about your wife?” Next thing you know, his bride is uploading what appeared to be a response to the dis flick, letting Tip know he ain’t said nothing but a word. Mr. Harris later deleted the rumor-sparking photo (which, of course only adds to speculation), but thank God for still shots. Let’s just hope these two aren’t ’bout that Nas-Kelis life.

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Michelle Williams Says Beyoncé’s New Album Embarrasses Her

I don’t know if Michelle Williams is just a conservative country girl or trying to put on a front, but she seems to get a little red-faced when listening to some of the hypersexual content on Beyoncé’s new self-titled LP. Mrs. Carter’s surfboard riding has Ms. Sanctified thinking, “That’s private girl!” (That’s the same thing young Bey would’ve said back in the day.)

The gospel-singing Child said she feels as though we aren’t supposed to know what’s going on in Beyoncé’s bedroom, then flipped the switch and said, “But she is married and has produced a baby, and we know what you have to do to produce a baby, so OK!” Good way to try and clean up that mess, but I have the feeling that Beyoncé is on repeat on the DL in Michelle’s church van.

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Azealia Banks Begs Universal to Drop Her

What is the world coming to? Millions of people would die to get a deal with a major record company, yet here we have Azealia Banks begging to be dropped from one. Apparently, the young Harlemite is tired of consulting “old White men” when it comes to her craft, and feels like the team at Universal doesn’t know what to do with her music. (Sorry to break it to you Yung Rapunxel, but just about any big label you go to is run by old White men.)

Banks expressed her frustrations via Twitter, pleading with Sony to “buy me off of Universal.” (Sounds really Django-ish, but maybe Kanye West said it best when he penned “New Slaves.”) This sad rant comes after years of experiencing a delay with her debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste. No word from Sony yet, so Miss Banks might’ve just pushed back her own album another two years.

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