Queen Latifah to Produce Film Version of Meek Mill’s “Tony Story”

Queen Latifah may be officiating gay weddings, acting all prim and proper on her new talk show, and singing “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl, but Hollywood can never erase all of the ’hood. Thus, her Flava Unit production company is set to produce the film version of Meek Mill’s gritty tale, “Tony Story.” For those of you who ain’t about that rap life, the song details a murderous plot involving a ruthless killer/drug dealer named Tony who kills his best friend Todd over that White girl. (No, not Miley Cyrus.) Meek Mill will star as himself in the flick, but no word on whether Queen La will pop up with a few frizzy cornrows or saggy pants to set it off again.

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Keyshia Cole Hit with a $162K Tax Lien

When will these celebrities learn that the IRS does not play when it comes to their paper? Well, Keyshia Cole has been added to the long list of stars who needs a remedial lesson, because Uncle Sam is demanding she cough up $162K in unpaid taxes from the year 2009. (Lien wit’ it, rock wit’ it.) That’s right: everything Mrs. Gibson owns is up for grabs until the OGs at the Internal Revenue Service get every single penny she owes, and they mean business. (Yep, another one of those reality shows is looking really good right now.)

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Timbaland Producing New Jodeci Album

Back in September, we reported that Jodeci might be making a comeback after almost 20 years of falling out the spotlight (click here if you missed that). But no need to speculate any longer because super-producer Timbaland just confirmed that he’s been teaming up with old buddy DeVante Swing to create the soundscape for Black America’s favorite group of R&B thugs.

Timbo let the cat out of the bag during a recent livestream chat session with fans, where he mentioned that Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott is dropping something new too. And get this: Tim also said that new Michael is about to pop—and when I say Michael, I mean Michael Jackson!

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