Tyra Banks Kicks a Freestyle to Dis Drake for Kissing and Telling

These rap stars better watch out, Tyra Banks is on the loose! The top model stopped by the Steve Harvey show, where she unleashed a sick verse in response to Drake bumping his gums about their date in Disneyland—well, her bars were really lame, but at least she tried. T-Flame put Drizzy on blast for airing out their flirty laundry, and made sure she let him know, “You ain’t my man!” (Somewhere in an empty studio, Drake is in a corner crying.) Guess Tyra just gave him some ammo for his next LP.

Watch it at Steve Harvey TV.

Game and Vine Star Terio Take on Hollywood

All it took was a few Crybabies, Dougies, and belly twerks to take Cousin Terio from days of shirtless mayhem to Hollywood havoc with Game. The west coast rapper spent a day with Vine’s biggest star oooh killin’ ’em at the barbershop (getting matching cuts with his trademark “Oooh!” etched in the back of their heads—ratchet, I know). The dynamic duo also chomped down Roscoe’s Chick & Waffles (yeah, I didn’t think that was a good idea either), and got buck to Drake’s “Worst Behavior.” TeRio proved yet again that, while he may be on the chunky side, he’s smooth like Biggie and got moves like Heavy D!

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Lil’ Kim Wants to Squeeze Miley Cyrus’ Boob!

I don’t know what it is about stealing people’s steez, but celebs seem to like dressing up as other industry stars when it’s time for Halloween. This year, Ellen DeGeneres got her Miley Cyrus on and flaunted her best boob-leaking Nicki Minaj. But Miley dumped the blonde wig, leopard cat suit and bumped-up booty this time around for a classic costume none of us could ever forget. Miley Twerksum donned Lil’ Kim’s infamous mermaid suit and purple wig from 1999’s VMAs—can’t forget the sea shell action she had going on to barely cover her peak-a-boo boob. Kim’s reaction? She wished she was there to pull a Diana Ross and giggle her tatas! (Celebrities say the darndest things… on Twitter.)

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