Nelly Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Split From Ashanti

Nelly recently had a sit-down with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and of course, Ashanti’s name got thrown in the mix. Mr. “Country Grammar” pretty much Diddy-bopped around the issue, saying they were still “cool” and claiming that his ex-boo’s sad, pitiful breakup anthem “Never Should Have” couldn’t possibly be about him because it was recorded a year before they split. (Umm-hmm.) For all the chit-chatters spreading rumors that he knocked up “sidepiece” LaShontae Heckard, he made it clear that he has two kids, and Tae didn’t birth either one of them! Welp… time to move on to the next cheating rapper spreading his ween and producing illegitimate seeds.

Watch it at 105.1 Breakfast Club.

Tyra Banks Suing 10 Wig Companies for Stealing Her Name

Tyra Banks is a real gangsta boo when it comes to protecting her turf. The original don dada top model filed a lawsuit against 10 wig companies for slapping her name and fame on their horsehair collections and selling them for a whole lotta cash. But Fivehead ain’t letting it ride without getting her split: she wants at least $10 milli in big faces and the lawful right to ride out on the fools who violated her territory. Next time, these frauds will know to respect a triple OG when they see one.

Read it at TMZ.

Chris Brown’s Mother Bashes His Friend on Twitter

No need to wonder where Chris Brown gets his Twitter-ranting tendencies and urges to flip the f**k out, ’cause momma Brown just gave us the answer. Joyce Hawkins went wild on C. B.’s childhood friend “Hood” from his Original Hood Brothers Crew (OHB), Breezy style. Don’t know what the little homie did, but apparently he pissed Ms. Hawkins off to the point where she held an all-caps spazzing session dogging dude and making it known that she no longer wants him around her “angel.” (Guess she hasn’t been paying attention to the past four years of lil’ Piru thugga’s career.) Rant all you want momma B, but you should know your son has to keep the goonies around just in case they have to chase down Frank Ocean (again) or trip on the paparazzi.

Read it at Rhymes with Snitch.